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PMR Consult was founded in 1993.

In a relatively short time the firm developed into a specialist for international project management and controlling, without losing sight of the old strengths of Cost Controlling, Project Management of business administration and Construction Site Supervision. With these attributes, the firm has the capacity to competently cover all of the interests of the investor, both those at home and abroad.

The most important project components are carried out within the company itself. Through long standing strategic partnerships we are, upon demand, also able to competently meet the requirements for 100% project execution.

During the course of the past 25 years, the decision makers of PMR Consult Ltd. have competently and successfully completed building projects encompassing more than 100 million Euro in more than 15 countries on 4 continents. Projects are currently underway in 5 countries. In another 5 countries, prospective projects are being developed and bid.